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  • State of Palestine
  • State of Palestine
  • State of Palestine
System of governmentpresidential republic
Country codePS, PSE
FlagState of Palestine
Capital cityRamallah
CurrencyIsraeli new shekel (ILS)
Predominant religionSunni Islam
Population4 293 313 people
(124. place in the world)
Area5 860 km2
(164. place in the world)
Density733 people per km2
(8. place in the world)
GDP per capitaN/A
PeacefulnessGPI Global Peace Index 2,608
(140. place in the world)
Human developmentHDI Human Development Index 0,686
(118. place in the world)
Economy freedomN/A
Life expectancy73,6 years
(96. place in the world)
Income iequalityN/A
CO2 emissionsN/A
CO2 emissions per km2N/A
CO2 emissions per capitaN/A