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Functions for Parents & Teachers

On our website you will teach you geography in a fun way.

And what are the benefits for you? Among other things, you can monitor the progress of kids and students, get clear statistics of individual kids and various recommendations for further exercises.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, let's explore all the features the zone offers.

How to create your own class?

To work effectively with the web and follow everything mentioned in the introduction, create your own class as follows.

Register yourself as a new teacher or parent.

If you're already done, log in to your profile.

Fill in the required information about your class and select the class code. This can be any unique code.

Now the class is created.

If you are a parent, follow the same procedure. For you, your family will be a class where you add your children in the following steps.

How to add students to class?

You can clearly monitor the progress of your kids and students by adding them to an existing class. You must have their profiles created in order to add them to class. This is a simple step, similar to registering a teacher, with less data being entered.

Student registration:

Each time student logs in, all solved tasks are automatically recorded in his or her profile.

After creating student's profile in the My Classes tab, the student enters the unique class code that teacher/parent provides him/her.

Entering the code will connect the student to teacher's/parent's class and his or her name will appear in the list of a particular class in your profile.

If you are a parent, follow the same procedure. Assign your children to the created class.

What are the possibilities of the teacher-parent zone?

Your profile allows you to manage your classes and students.

You can create and delete classes/groups according to your needs. The same applies to students that you can add to or exclude from classes.

Within your profile, you can communicate with your students.

Web offers teachers the opportunity to simplify homework assignments. It is possible to assign homework common to all students or to each individual. The system evaluates the tasks and you just look at how the students worked.

Even if you are a parent, you use the same options.

What can you find in the teacher-parent zone?

Teachers and parents have the opportunity to monitor many statistics and parameters of their kids and students in the zone.

Statistics on how many tasks the student solved correctly within each type of task

For each student you will find clearly arranged numbers of solved tasks. Number of the right solutions are illustrated by the color spectrum from green (more exercises than others) to red (less exercises then others). The illustration is only for orientation, only after clicking on the profiles you will find the tasks and their solution by a particular student.

Percentage success rate of students in specific types of tasks

You can see the percentage success rate according to the color spectrum, which can help you, among other things, in the assessment of pupils.

Recommendations what to repeat

Based on class/group statistics, the system identifies which tasks students most often miss and provides recommendations to practice and repeat specific types of tasks. This recommendation is also available to students directly in their individual profiles, so it serves as an important component of self-reflection.

Current overview of solved tasks

The assignment for the lesson is an overview of the tasks the students are currently solving. The teacher has an immediate overview of who is working on what and with what result. For those who are not successful, the teacher can focus on this and provide feedback or help with the solution.

The amount of overall tasks solved for the selected time period

In terms of long-term monitoring of students' development, the total number of solved tasks for the past period is available in the zone. The number of solved tasks are color-coded correctly and incorrectly solved tasks.

Print configurator

You may want to work with students without computers/tablets, so here you have a “paper” background for your assessment. In this case, all tasks can be printed out so that students can solve them with pen and paper. It's up to you how many and what types of tasks you put in print.