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If you want to play against your friend, you must first log in.


Your mission in this game is to successfully come to the end before your friend does. On the way you have to solve various geographical problems. Your friend starts and then you are changing order one by one.

  1. Choose your friend.
  2. Your friend must approve your challende. You wait till your friend starts.
  3. Your friend throws a dice and moves forward as many fields as it fell on the dice.
    1. If he ends up on the blue field, he is going to solve the geographical task. When he solves it, he stays where he is. Otherwise he has to return back to the former place.
    2. If he ends up on the green field, he automatically moves forward through the ladder or slide. To avoid having to return to the original place, he has to solve the geographical task.
    3. If he ends up on the red field, he will return back through the slide or ladder. In this case, he does not need to solve any task.
  4. Then it is your turn. You throw a dice and the game goes on as in friend's case.
  5. This is how you change until one of you arrives to the end as the winner.

I wish you good luck and let win the better of you.

Game Ladders against friend